About this Program

Businesses everywhere have the same goals: Retain, Acquire and Win-back customers. It is all about Customer Growth. And OmniCard helps businesses GROW every single day! Whether your business is wanting to incent or reward your customers or if your goal is to motivate and retain employees, OmniCard is your one stop shop.

OmniCard provides full service prepaid loyalty and rewards solutions for corporate incentive programs. We work with each client to understand their program goals, identify additional opportunities based on our past experiences, and tailor a solution that will drive the most impact and cost efficient reward. We partner with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover to offer a wide variety of prepaid cards that can be fully branded and personalized. OmniCard’s diverse offering provides rewards and loyalty solutions including: employee rewards, employee loyalty, customer rewards and customer loyalty.

Separating OmniCard from the competition is our ability to control 100% of our printing, fulfillment and technology. By managing these functions in-house OmniCard provides our customers a deeper level of branding, unparalleled agility in fulfillment and world-class card customization not found elsewhere in the marketplace.

We believe in the return on investment that comes with incentives awarded to both customers and employees. Contact us today to start growing.